2010-05-07 New promotion for baby tights
The stock of Baby tights is on sale from now to the end of May 2010.
2010-04-02 NEW PROMOTION
The stock of Tights and Footless are on sale from now to the end of April 2010.
2010-03-02 NEW PROMOTION
The stock of Knee hi and Foot cover are on sale from now to the end of March 2010.
2010-02-05 NEW PROMOTION
The stock of Fishnet gloves are on sale from now to the end of February 2010.

Six Companions was founded in 1966 as a manufacturer of elastic bands, garments, nylon yarns and pantyhose at the early stage of the company’s development.

Thanks to Taiwan’s growing economy and the rising standard of living of the population, pantyhose that stand for fashion and elegance are becoming indispensable fashion accessories.

50 years later, when we have undergone oil crises and economic recessions, based on innovative technologies, high morale, persistence and sound financial well-being.

Six Companions is among the leading hosiery manufacturer in Taiwan with products sold worldwide, where females are seved in an elegant way.

Our main product includes pantyhose, tights, stockings, socks, bodystocking, sexy lingerie and so on.

We also have our own brand "QueenTex" in Taiwan, the brand name in Chinese called "琨蒂絲"

In the 21 st Century, Six Companions will continuously serve female customers around the globe with a wide range of diversified quality products at affordable prices based on our motto of quality, fashion and delicacy.